Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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With SkinWhite, I Can Be the Fairest of Them All

Each and every girl in their teenage years (maybe even in their adulthood!), surely has that one guy we can't resist not to give a second third number of looks. He may be a schoolmate, colleague, childhood friend or even a stranger at the mall. We girls are always the dreamy ones right? I strongly believe that most of us has already day-dreamed of meeting that 'prince' in any kind of circumstances ;) So, to get to know him, we need to make him notice and maybe even get him to know us as well.

Having a happy aura and a beautiful smile will do the trick but just to be sure, we also need to have a blushing face! And I just happen to know the right thing that can surely help us with that ...


It has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in 4 ways all the time:
Whitens the skin's surface.
Reduces formation of new dark pigments at its source.
Nourishes skin with Vitamins
Protects skin against toxins and UV rays. 

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Who knows, that guy may be your most awaited "Prince" ;)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012

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