Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wendy Peg

My 2 weird BFFs went to our house to have our quality time since my semestral break is almost done while their's is just starting boo! Believe it or not, we are the kind of people who never gets tired of just sitting and watching movies and talking about the randomest things. Our parents is always questioning us whenever we are staying in each other's homes, "Don't you guys ever get bored?" So yeah, we love to go out but we also love being lazy, that's how spontaneous we are!

I'm blabbing again sorry! Back to these pictures, Denise and I loves to stalk browse the instagram accounts of known and even random people. We are never the kind of girls who can go out and sport a tank top and short shorts look. But we definitely want to, if not because of our st*pid insecurities. Denise talked me into having a mini photoshoot with Wendy Tabusalla's usual look on instagram as our peg. Please don't judge my thinness :(

We love Vern & Verniece Emciso! ♥
Feeling Wendy talaga ko dito! :))
He's the photographer so he's the one ending this post.

Were the photos okay or boo? Let me know :) 

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pia Badminton Cup

Our clan is made up of a lot of sporty ones. Unfortunately, i'm not one of them haha! 2 years ago, the first Enriquez-Domingo Badminton Cup was held and me and my partner were 1st place winners. That came with a trophy! Summer this year, the second one took place but I had to pass since I have summer classes. Tita Pin, who is always the organizer, thought of holding another badminton tournament instead of throwing herself a birthday party this year. So there goes the first Pia Badminton Cup.

With my fave girls, Aleida and Nikka.

With the boys this time.

With baby Shaun. There were little kids watching, not watching after all
since their busy with their iPads. Kids these days!

What everyone is aiming for!
3rd runner up -- 2nd -- 1st -- Champion

Haggard linewoman :)

With Aleida and Ate Beam. They're actually partners and this was taken
right after out match against each other =))

Twin ♥

It's photobooth time since we're already done. SMILE :D

3rd runner ups with Tita Pin.

3rd & 2nd runner up. Yeah, they won over us! But still,
a picture of the two of us is needed :)

Winning is just the cherry on top of this event, the main thing for this is the camaraderie of the whole family and for everyone to just take a time off and just have fun!!

**Sorry for the inconsistency of the photos. Some were taken
through iPad so it was a bit blurry. The pinkish vibe is so cute that I
applied it to all the photos taken by the camera :) **

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

When September Ends

Yeah, I know my title is laaaaaame -__- It's just that I can't think of a decent one since i've been in sniffing/sneezing festival for days now. Blame the bipolar weather here in Manila! Enough with the blabbering, i'm sharing with you guys my photos in instagram this September. :)

This has been in the ground floor of Shangrila for a long time.
It reminds me of my Ninang Karren who used to bring me with her
wherever she went. We used to go there often so I always have a cookie :)
Happy Grandparents' Day to the best lolo and lola ever!
We love you Tatie & Nanie ♥
Went to Mega during our long break on a monday, Ate Ana
got this for me. Yay for being mature enough to read this! :)
School snapshots :)
Its finally here! Took me 2 hours to update.
We only had one class that day so we went videoke right after.
It was raining so hard while we're singing, haha! Hi Ella :)
Home alone. PINK ♥
Watched this for the nth time :')
Our chit-chat time right after dinner. :)
Went to the hospital right after my exams to accompany my Nanie. :(

Cuddle time with mama and the boys ♥
I'm finally done with Law on Contracts & Obligations! :)

It's finally the end of my first term! How did September went for you?
Follow me on Instagram, @beibeiperez :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥
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