Saturday, September 10, 2011

Insomnia :))

Time check: 1:25 am :|

I think i'm having my 'paminsan minsang insomnia' again. Haha =)))) It's been a while since i last slep sooooo late. During those times, i was accompanied by one of my best buddies, RM, by staying up with me through the phone. But now, due to our stressful and opposite schedules, we haven't had the chance to have the 'magdamagang telebabad' again :))

My friends and I loves to talk on the phone, but we don't hve the 3-way so Jamie and I would talk at night, then i'll call RM at around midnight. That's how it works for us, kahit na we spent all day chatting at school, we never run out of topics to talk about :))

I think i already spilled something that made me think i'm ready for sleep na ;) So, good night :*

Xs & Os
B ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011


RM :)

It's our first time in Happy Lemon :)
I had my Cocoa w/ Rock Salt Cheese, i forgot what's his
while Jamie had her Milk tea w/ Oreo Cookies & Cream ♥

      He did not contact us on the morning of his birthday so we thought he'll be celebrating it with his family. Jamie and I planned to eat at Mcdo Barangka. Then I decided we better eat somewhere far from our usual hangouts, so we thought about going to GH. Jamie said that Mcdo GH is under renovation so we end up having our bonding at Happy Lemon :) Just then, RM texted us saying thanks for our greetings. We asked him if he has some plans for the day, when he said that he doesn't have any, we asked him if he'd like to come and he immediately agreed. So there! :D

     This Banofee Pie is our little present for him. We told him to choose 
which of the small cakes would be good for my little brother,
 but he caught our little scheme when Jamie asked for a candle :)

     He was happy when we handed him the box, it's his first time daw to receive a Starbucks pastry during his birthday :) We were happy kasi somehow, we made his birthday a little more special :) We stayed at our house up until 10pm, napilitan na silang umuwi kasi gabi na =)) It's one of our best days, chatting with your friends the whole day can make you forget all the stress for a while ♥

Xs & Os
B ♥

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First ☺

Cheers :">
My first blog post :) I'm super excited about this that's why I can't enjoy clipping some pictures here because i'm using my ipod :| :> I was so eager to post as soon as I finish making my profile a lot better than usual. It's 11:30 pm right now and I still have a 7:30 am class tomorrow so despite my eagerness to stay up late and talk some more, I really can't. I'd have to say bye for now. Til' next :*

Xs & Os
B ♥
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