Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wendy Peg

My 2 weird BFFs went to our house to have our quality time since my semestral break is almost done while their's is just starting boo! Believe it or not, we are the kind of people who never gets tired of just sitting and watching movies and talking about the randomest things. Our parents is always questioning us whenever we are staying in each other's homes, "Don't you guys ever get bored?" So yeah, we love to go out but we also love being lazy, that's how spontaneous we are!

I'm blabbing again sorry! Back to these pictures, Denise and I loves to stalk browse the instagram accounts of known and even random people. We are never the kind of girls who can go out and sport a tank top and short shorts look. But we definitely want to, if not because of our st*pid insecurities. Denise talked me into having a mini photoshoot with Wendy Tabusalla's usual look on instagram as our peg. Please don't judge my thinness :(

We love Vern & Verniece Emciso! ♥
Feeling Wendy talaga ko dito! :))
He's the photographer so he's the one ending this post.

Were the photos okay or boo? Let me know :) 

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pia Badminton Cup

Our clan is made up of a lot of sporty ones. Unfortunately, i'm not one of them haha! 2 years ago, the first Enriquez-Domingo Badminton Cup was held and me and my partner were 1st place winners. That came with a trophy! Summer this year, the second one took place but I had to pass since I have summer classes. Tita Pin, who is always the organizer, thought of holding another badminton tournament instead of throwing herself a birthday party this year. So there goes the first Pia Badminton Cup.

With my fave girls, Aleida and Nikka.

With the boys this time.

With baby Shaun. There were little kids watching, not watching after all
since their busy with their iPads. Kids these days!

What everyone is aiming for!
3rd runner up -- 2nd -- 1st -- Champion

Haggard linewoman :)

With Aleida and Ate Beam. They're actually partners and this was taken
right after out match against each other =))

Twin ♥

It's photobooth time since we're already done. SMILE :D

3rd runner ups with Tita Pin.

3rd & 2nd runner up. Yeah, they won over us! But still,
a picture of the two of us is needed :)

Winning is just the cherry on top of this event, the main thing for this is the camaraderie of the whole family and for everyone to just take a time off and just have fun!!

**Sorry for the inconsistency of the photos. Some were taken
through iPad so it was a bit blurry. The pinkish vibe is so cute that I
applied it to all the photos taken by the camera :) **

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

When September Ends

Yeah, I know my title is laaaaaame -__- It's just that I can't think of a decent one since i've been in sniffing/sneezing festival for days now. Blame the bipolar weather here in Manila! Enough with the blabbering, i'm sharing with you guys my photos in instagram this September. :)

This has been in the ground floor of Shangrila for a long time.
It reminds me of my Ninang Karren who used to bring me with her
wherever she went. We used to go there often so I always have a cookie :)
Happy Grandparents' Day to the best lolo and lola ever!
We love you Tatie & Nanie ♥
Went to Mega during our long break on a monday, Ate Ana
got this for me. Yay for being mature enough to read this! :)
School snapshots :)
Its finally here! Took me 2 hours to update.
We only had one class that day so we went videoke right after.
It was raining so hard while we're singing, haha! Hi Ella :)
Home alone. PINK ♥
Watched this for the nth time :')
Our chit-chat time right after dinner. :)
Went to the hospital right after my exams to accompany my Nanie. :(

Cuddle time with mama and the boys ♥
I'm finally done with Law on Contracts & Obligations! :)

It's finally the end of my first term! How did September went for you?
Follow me on Instagram, @beibeiperez :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Saturday, September 8, 2012

TUT... A note from the Universe 3

Rarely, does one find the quick fix, the big win, or a home run looking forward on the horizon of time.
Yet when they do their best, one day at a time, while thinking of their dreams and not the "hows,"  looking back, they find that the quick fixes, big wins, and home runs found them.

All is supremely well,
The Universe

Everyone has their own goals in their lives. A day wouldn't pass without us thinking of the feeling once we have reached that goal. A few minutes before drifting to our personal dreamland, the thought of searching for an easier path always passes our minds. There would always be that tiny part of us who's afraid of going through the obstacles that is surely on the way to success. I myself confesses that there are times that giving up is already at the tip of my tongue. And as much as we don't want to admit, let's face it, we give in on that thought once we're already on the roughest part of the road. 

But what we always forget is that the first few steps and the last part of the leg are the roughest ones. We should let positivism invade our mind and body and suck up all the negative thoughts. Doing our best and knowing that you will have no regrets in the end because you did everything with what you have, will surely make everything perfect. And at the end of the day, looking back at the things you were able to accomplish instead of those you weren't able to get over with, contentment that goes hand in hand with happiness will make you smile and say, "Ah, another one worth writing in the book!"

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Saturday, August 25, 2012

TUT... A note from the Universe 2

Usually, the folks who think life is hard are just plain messin' with the cursed hows.
Heck, i'd think it was hard too, if I forgot there was magic, didn't believe in miracles, and thought I evolved from the ocean as an amoeba.

See you on easy street,
The Universe

Everyday keeps on getting better because of the different things we encounter (that rhymes!! ;D).  Beautiful mornings and unidentified adventure awaits us each day, and this adventure may or may not be pleasant but surely is something important (another rhyme, sorry!). Everything happens for a reason, never ever let that slip your mind. I myself sometimes think I can't overcome the challenges that suddenly appears but in the middle of those crucial moments, I always thought that someone up there is watching my every move. He is once again testing my trust in him. At that thought, I would end up feeling a whole lot better. Knowing he planned all those and whatever choice I make, he has something good that is waiting for me in the end. Overthinking is not (really!!) healthy, just always go with the flow. Be happy with what you have and where you are. Do your best and don't mind what other people might say, as long as you don't hear them yourself, don't bother thinking about them. Living your life solely depends on your own hands. You'll make that guy up there happy and proud as long as you're doing what you love. Positive vibes = Easier path to happy land :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Friday, August 24, 2012

TUT... A note from the Universe

Have I ever told you about the "Law of Relevance"?
It goes like this, "No matter how scared, or tired, or ill you are; no matter how lost, or confused, or desperate you become; no matter how lonely, depressed or cranky you feel... if you just do what you can, with what you have, from right where you are, it will always be enough."
Pretty good odds, huh?

Your legal beagle,
The Universe 

Everyday, I receive this kind of motivating/inspiring/reflective thoughts through email from The Universe. I once stumbled upon a screen shot of their emails in instagram and curiosity once again made me itchy. I immediately searched and subscribed as soon as I hit their official site, www.tut.com. Totally Unique Thoughts ♥

Because of my iPod, I can easily go through my emails without making my lazy butt go to a desktop/laptop. But, being trying to be a busy bee these past few days, 20+ emails has already flooded my inbox so I decided to go through each of them this afternoon during my 3hr Financial Accounting class (a boring one may I add).

Positive vibes rushed and the thought of sharing this emails here together with my thoughts made me so giddy :D So from now on, i'm going to post here the ones that tugs something in me. I finally have something worthy to write in this humble space of mine, yipee! :) 'Til next!

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey! It's been so long since my last personal post. Well, it's mainly because my world these days keeps on freaking me out. I'm not feeling like myself for quite some time now, I don't know what has gotten to me but i'm suddenly feeling weird. Questions like (a)Am I doing things right?, (b)Did I really chose the right path?, (c)Am I worthy for all of this?, and a hundred more bugs me every single night. This is the first time I feel like I made a lot of wrong turns yet, the people who I thought would say "I told you so!" surprisingly says "Just keep on trying, you'll never know.". These people are the ones whom I think i'll spend the rest of my life making them feel they are lucky to have me because I make them proud. So, imagine how terrible I felt when the results of my wrong turns came out. I was so scared of what they'll think and how disappointed they will be that I completely forgot that these people unconditionally loves me. I forgot that they are my precious gems and no matter what I did or will do in the future that may seem wrong to others, they will still be on my side. 

I'm a paranoid person, one who thinks of things way harder than it should simply be. I started being pessimistic since the first trial of real life hit me. Years passed since I got over that not-so-good phase, i'm trying bloody hard to be optimistic. Up until now actually, I don't think every single cell of me has already ridden of those pessimistic ones. Writing this while listening to my latest senti song and seeing the leaves dance carefree-ly because of the unusual wind by this hour, i'm starting to feel better. Letting all my thoughts out in here really do make me breathe normally. I hope things will go better soon, and I surely will get back to you once it did. So, i'm out now but i'm leaving you the song I so love right at this moment. Weee, thank you for reading this (if ever you read up to here)! 

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram's Power Couples

Since everyone is like on the hype of Instagram, i'd love to share the couples in there who make me sad whenever I see their photos together with their partners because they seem to be so sweet and happy and here I am, can't relate to that kind of happiness :( Haha, talk about drama :)) Enough ranting, here's my list of Power Couples ❤

Dominique Tiu & Enzo Ladrido
Paul Soriano & Toni Gonzaga
Coleen Garcia & Gab Valenciano
Divine Lee & Victor Basa
Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff
Shai Lagarde & Seph Cham
Dondi Gonzales & Vern Enciso
Arisse de Santos & Patrick Sugui

The following are not real couples but they still seem to be so sweet and lovely so they are still included ;)

Denise Laurel & Rafael Rosell
Divine Smith & Slater Young
David Guison & Lissa Kahayon

Talk about picture perfect couples ♥

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Disclaimer: All photos only grabbed. No copyright intended. 
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