Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Day

Our school has this habit of always starting earlier than the other private schools. So, Denise and RM are always present on my first day, aren't they the sweetest? :) I'm fortunate enough because in my sched this semester, I have a 3-hr break on mondays so we were able to go around and reminisce on our high school days (I go to the same school so don't get curious). We visited our teachers and shamelessly knocked on their classrooms while the class in ongoing so we can have a little chat. haha! And after that, we just sat at the benches and started talking about how different school days are for us now and how it will continue getting harder on the coming years. To make the long story short, we took pictures because we're  already getting too mushy remembering our crazy days =)) 

Warning: Picture overload!!

RM, me, Monica & Denise
Ah, the perks of having a guy bestfriend is you can drag him everywhere whenever single awareness hits you because of the happy couples around =)) Denise and I are soo lucky to have him :D

How did you spend your first day at school? ;)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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JC Mercado said...

first day of school is the best part of campus life! ahaha. i envy you. really. i want to go back tuloy. :))


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