Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram's Power Couples

Since everyone is like on the hype of Instagram, i'd love to share the couples in there who make me sad whenever I see their photos together with their partners because they seem to be so sweet and happy and here I am, can't relate to that kind of happiness :( Haha, talk about drama :)) Enough ranting, here's my list of Power Couples ❤

Dominique Tiu & Enzo Ladrido
Paul Soriano & Toni Gonzaga
Coleen Garcia & Gab Valenciano
Divine Lee & Victor Basa
Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff
Shai Lagarde & Seph Cham
Dondi Gonzales & Vern Enciso
Arisse de Santos & Patrick Sugui

The following are not real couples but they still seem to be so sweet and lovely so they are still included ;)

Denise Laurel & Rafael Rosell
Divine Smith & Slater Young
David Guison & Lissa Kahayon

Talk about picture perfect couples ♥

Xs & Os,
B ♥

Disclaimer: All photos only grabbed. No copyright intended. 


Lemuel Urieta said...

Thanks for following! So nice to see BSA major students who love to blog!

JC Mercado said...

i love this post of yours. kakileeeg lang! when do we have one kaya? ahahaha! BTW, thanks for still choosing to visit my blog kahit bago na xa. pls extend your support din dito ah?


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