Monday, October 22, 2012

Pia Badminton Cup

Our clan is made up of a lot of sporty ones. Unfortunately, i'm not one of them haha! 2 years ago, the first Enriquez-Domingo Badminton Cup was held and me and my partner were 1st place winners. That came with a trophy! Summer this year, the second one took place but I had to pass since I have summer classes. Tita Pin, who is always the organizer, thought of holding another badminton tournament instead of throwing herself a birthday party this year. So there goes the first Pia Badminton Cup.

With my fave girls, Aleida and Nikka.

With the boys this time.

With baby Shaun. There were little kids watching, not watching after all
since their busy with their iPads. Kids these days!

What everyone is aiming for!
3rd runner up -- 2nd -- 1st -- Champion

Haggard linewoman :)

With Aleida and Ate Beam. They're actually partners and this was taken
right after out match against each other =))

Twin ♥

It's photobooth time since we're already done. SMILE :D

3rd runner ups with Tita Pin.

3rd & 2nd runner up. Yeah, they won over us! But still,
a picture of the two of us is needed :)

Winning is just the cherry on top of this event, the main thing for this is the camaraderie of the whole family and for everyone to just take a time off and just have fun!!

**Sorry for the inconsistency of the photos. Some were taken
through iPad so it was a bit blurry. The pinkish vibe is so cute that I
applied it to all the photos taken by the camera :) **

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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