Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TUT... A note from the Universe 4

If your breathing itself was not proof enough that you are loved beyond comprehension, then how about your freedom to feel unlimited joy, in spite of circumstances that surround you?
Big hug,
The Universe

We people, sometimes, if not most of the times, take a lot of things for granted. Everyday, God has something in store for us out in the open, patiently waiting for us to notice them. But of course, we, stubborn humans, tend to make things harder for ourselves.

A lot of things happen to each one of us every single day. And not everything fits perfectly on the other's plans. We always assume that the best is always hard to reach. But sometimes, the 'best' is not the best for us. Settling for what we have at the moment, sometimes is the one that suits us right.

We always forget that just being able to open our eyes in the morning is already something we should be extremely happy and grateful for. Once in a while, let's remind ourselves to just step back and look at the bigger picture.  You may never know what you will find on the edges of that portrait ;)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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RaeAbigael said...

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