Saturday, April 20, 2013

Growing Up

My friends and I are finally getting closer to the 'real world', also known as the world of the grown-ups. I already turned 18 last Feb., Denise turned 19 last March while RM is currently having his OJT on Brady Inc.. How time flies, we are slowly making our way onto the end of our teenage years.

Obligatory restroom picture of course ;)


2 years of friendship yet this was our first ever movie date! We finally managed on having one because of our need of watching something that is just a 'feel-good'/light movie, It Takes a Man & a Woman. 

Another thing that makes us feel like we're grown-ups already is that our love for tea is already over, we now tend to have our saturdates over coffee. Looking around Starbucks and imagining ourselves as those people who are around, meeting up with friends after long week.

Next agenda with these two: Skating! :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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