Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hey sweeties! Look who's in town, say hello to Love Diva! :) It's their first branch here in PH and congrats to the south-based fashionistas, they opened at Alabang Town Center! 
Super nice logo :)

This is the first thing we saw in the entrance, this gave me the feeling that i'm a true blogger already :''>

The store is very organized, as soon as you step inside, you'll be in awe because it's not like the other stores that can give you a headache because colors are all mixed up. Here, they have different themes that houses the pieces which  are of the same colors and the same style. Here's a tour:

Right side, forgot to take the shot for the left one.

Cuties! :)

A closer look to the fabulous pieces, very suitable during formal events.

Studded wayferers!

This caught my eyes :) Hello violet & bangles galore!

When we are all seated, we were given these cookies and a drink. Cuties right?

Ms. Melai of Style and Soul hosted the event. She was very witty and super nice!

To lighten up a bit, we had to "sell ourselves" =)) Here's my lines, "Hi! I'm Bea Perez of bamperez.blogspot.com. I am 16 y/o, an accountancy student and this is my very first event". Haha =)) Here are their candid shots while selling theirselves ;)

Ava Te ♥

Angel Rodriguez & the adorabe Syrena ♥

Then off to the Blogging and Styling workshop! The speakers are Kookie for the Blogging thing, Melai for the Opportunities and Tracy&Tin for the Styling thing.

"Your blog is your own personal space. ... Be truthful to what you write. ... You don't have to impress people." -- Kookie

"It's okay to repeat your clothes. ... Don't stress yourself with the haters, just don't mind them. ... You can't please everybody." -- Tracy

After the talk, we had a styling game! The readers will style the bloggers using the pieces inside the shop. We looked for pieces that will fit Ate Ana's personality and picked things that will go with the accessories chosen by our other sisters. Talk about teamwork! =)) Lo and behold, we won! BWAHAHAHA ;) Because of this, we received a prize :D Then everyone was given a 1000 worth GC that should be consumed the same day so everybody was looking around, too frustrated because everything is a must-have! After that, we're off to Cyma for dinner, c/o Love Diva :) AWESOME ♥

"We considered her own personal style and took advantage of her laid back outfit. We opted a Boho-chic look and used the necklaces as her head piece and belts."
-- This is our winning piece! Isn't she prettier with those accessories on? :)
Congrats to us sisters ♥

First official outfit post! 
Dress: Mint -- Cardigan: Mom's closet -- Bag: Kenneth Cole -- Wedges: Parisian

This were the ones I got from winning the styling game (black bracelet on the left) and from my GC (Gold bicycle necklase and earrings). Love them to bits!

My sisters for the night, but will consider them as my sisters for the rest of my awesome life XD Thank you Ate Ana for inviting me and to Frances & Bea for making my night extra special :)

Will blog  the second part tomorrow :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥


AVA T.♥ said...

love your loot!:) and aww thank you for the best candid shot I ever saw of me hehe usually when I'm talking I look blah.. but here.. yey!:)

It was nice meeting you, bea!!

Sai Pauline said...

Nice photos of the speakers! I was at the farthest right so I was not able to take snapshots of them. :(

Sai Pauline (kwentongkupas.blogspot.com)

Wonder Woman said...

Haha. I was gonna say nga eh, "Bakit si Ava ang ganda ng candid shot?!??" Haha. I'm so happy Ana chose you and that I was finally able to meet you, B. Hope to see you more often in the future! :) I'm glad you had a great time!


Anonymous said...

Ava,ganda mo nga sa shot. haha

Glad you had fuuuuun :) til the next event :)

czarianonuevo said...

BONGGA!!! LOVE it!!!

czarina :)

Aisa.Paxie said...

Hi Ana's baby sister! hehe. grabbed some photos, hope it's okay:) nice seeing you there. glad you had fun! til the next event!:)


Anagon =) said...

Thank you for this Bei! :)) Hope you had fun! :))

Maria Regina P. said...

aw. i envy you coz u met most of my fave bloggers. hehe. followed you dear.

<3 Maria

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