Friday, November 4, 2011

VS&GG x Diva

I was drowning myself with happy thoughts when my precious valuables came to my mind. I immediately got up from bed, took the camera and my babies out of the cabinet. Here's the outcome of my boredom, yay! :)

VS Pink :) Fresh&Clean and Fresh&Fierce ♥

GG Books and Gettin' Lucky ♥

 No Edits :)
Look  what's inside the VS paper bag!
My other precious babies  ♥ =))

My HELLO BED ALL-DAY outfit =))
Top: Gap -- Shorts: Thrifted
(Trying hard to be a fashion blogger)

My Grandparent's portrait ♥

Photographed and Edited by yours truly.
(c) Bea Perez

*Divalicous Blogger Camp*

Saw this on Ate Ana & Ate Ava's blogs! Immeditely joined :) The camp is coupled with a styling and blogging workshop. The invited fasyon bloggers are obliged to bring two readers so wish me luck, I hope i'll be one of those. Visit their blog for more info :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥


Noelle Chantal said...

I also have the Fresh and Clean, but I gave it to my sister since she liked it, hehe. Cute photos! :)

Bea Ann-Marie Perez said...

Thank you! I also have the Sweet and Tart but my lola threw the bottle away as soon as it emptied. *Sigh* :)

eji patanao said...

wow, you definitely love victoria's secret PINK secret :)) btw, can I ask you what camera you are using?

wild and fierce

Bea Ann-Marie Perez said...

IKR? Haha :)) I'm using Sony DSC-H10.

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