Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pasig River Run

It's my first participation in a run for a cause, and it was ultimately a big event! Imagine a bumper to bumper traffic at 5am?! Well, I think another kilometer was added to our run because we had to walk to the starting point instead of driving all the way there. The supposed starting time is 5am but we ended up starting at around 6:30am.

We went to our designated clusters by 5:45. Waiting for the others.
There were too many clusters for the 3K so we end up walking from the starting point of 5K! Unfair :(

Started the run walk by 6:30 =)) The sun is up na!

When the globe came to view, everyone was like "whoo!"

After crossing the finish line, it was too hot already so while walking going to the fastfood chains, umbrellas suddenly appeared! My cutie umbrella would kill me if I won't be using her ;)

My bus buddy, too bad we separated during the run, we just saw each other again when we were about to ride the bus =))

I was shocked by the actual number of people who came, it was my first time so I didn't know what to expect. The realization came to me when I was crossing the finish line, that my sweat and effort would be for a good cause and it was really fun interacting with people who came from all walks of life. I will definitely drag my family into this kind of events next time :)

Xs & Os, 
B ♥

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Frances said...

I never actually had a "formal" run like this one but I want to! Looks like you had fuuun! :)

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