Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm a mess right now. Weeks ago, I was very happy because I was having one of my best days then in one snap, my world suddenly tilted. 

In my age, 16 years if you must know,  parents are too strict when it comes to extra curricular activities. I am super thankful that my parents are the ones that I have right now but there are times when they get to my nerves. Added to that was the fact that i'm living with the grandparents so the rules implemented are doubled. 

There are times when people in my age tend to have fun and forget that we are still in the custody of our parents, freedom tops our list of must-haves. But as usual, elders will always get in the way. They would tell you that studying should top your priority and all the things you want in your checklist will come through after graduating. But hey, we also need a break! Pressure from the parents and the curiosity of who we really are  and what we have to be also requires a little adventure. 

This adventure requires us to goof around, look for our destined field, make mistakes and of course, learn from the experience. How can we get this if the parents won't allow us to trip once in a while? I know that paternal and maternal's love is always present but they've been through here so they should understand us too. The saying "Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako" is a little bit wrong. Yes you can advice about your experiences but people differ in every aspects possible. You may have gone the rough way to get where you are but that doesn't mean that i'll also go through it. 

This is my first melodramatic post so excuse me for being a little bit cracky. I'm not used to sharing my thoughts out loud, I always keep it to myself. Things are getting better right now, I finally knew how to think positively. This other side of me, the blogger thing, is very helpful and i'm grateful that I was able to recognize this kind of me at the right phase of my teenage life :) Enough with the drama, will post happy thoughts next time. Til next! 

Xs & Os, 
B ♥


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that... you're in the age when you really think everybody is against your thoughts or the things that you wanna do. When I was 16, me and my mom used to fight a lot because she won't agree with me at all. Well, that's just a phase. You'll get over it eventually. Don't worry :)

Bea Ann-Marie Perez said...

Thank you! I'm happy that me and my mom are getting along well most of the time. It's the grandparents that are very strict. Well, that's just how it is. Thanks again for dropping by and leaving your thoughts about this matter :) Hope to meet you in person one day ü

itsNikki said...

Just thought I could drop by to check out on your blog. Thank God that I did. Interesting posts and photos you have. Keep it up! Hope you can visit mine as well. Have a great day! xo

Fashion blogger

Wonder Woman said...

Hope you feel better soon, B. Ganyan talaga pag teenager. :)

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