Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's as if my mood is swaying with our bipolar weather here in PH. One day I was so happy, the next I feel so miserable. Tsk, "Weather weather lang yan" :))

10-23-11 ü

Vanity! Ahaha, those were taken last Sunday. Nanie (lola) and I went to Mega to watch No Other Woman. When we arrived at home, I was so lazy to change so I watched Growing Up still dressed like that. Then Papa asked me and my brother if we want to watch PBA that night at Araneta because he has PATRON tickets!  Too bad I didn't bring the camera but still, I had a lot of fun sitting with my boys :) 

Cha & Michelle ♥
First Day 10-24-11 ü

My first day of school was a mess! Don't want to brag about the negative vibes so i'll just share the happy things. I was surprised when I saw this two at the entrance of my school during my break time, we were dismissed early so I had a long break. I got to bond with them for a while then i'm off to my last class. After my Psychology class, I went to Hyper with Jamie for merienda. Forgot to take a picture again! Despite the unexpected negative things that happened, I still enjoyed my first day because of their company for a short while :)

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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WonderWoman said...

I like that you resisted the urge to rant about the bad vibes. Positivity FTW!


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