Friday, October 7, 2011


While waiting for my dentist :) It's quite sunny as you can see.

When I got home at around 2:00 pm, my Nanie (grandmother) said she wants me to come with her to Mega for her check-up, her doctor will start her consultations at 4:00 pm but she's always late so we thought of checking in at 5. I immediately thought that i'll be spending time with her looking around after her appointment. But what was ahead of us was definitely not included in my plans!

We left our house at around 3:30 pm, and it was so traffic! I can't imagine why it will be traffic at that time, then I remembered that it's friday nga pala. So we arrived at 4:30, and when we were given the number for her doctor, we are the 20th! We ended up being accomodated at 7:30 pm. Whoo, that was tiring, just sitting there with your iTouch as your only saver. We ate at KFC afterwards, it's already late so our plan of looking around was not accomplished. When we're heading out already, the line in the Taxi Bay was excruciating! We have no choice coz' it's raining, but not that hard. It took us almost 1 and a half hour to get a taxi. When we arrived at home (at last!), my lil' brother is super hyper so I just played with him through the camera :)

Xs & Os
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