Tuesday, October 4, 2011



"A very fluent English speaker, Bei-Bei could easily communicate her
thoughts and feelings without so much interruptions and apprehensions.
Being a charismatic leader, she won the hearts of many IV-D students
when she got elected as their class president despite the fact
that she is only a newcomer to the said homeroom."
-- from my Adviser ♥

     After a lifetime of waiting, we finally got our yearbooks! We've been looking forward on this since July so we can have an excuse for our parents to go out on a weekday. We can have the reason that we don't see each other much so we would spend time with each other and that simply means, we will go home late :D But since it's almost the end of the semester, most of us were not able to come due to their hectic schedules :(

    After getting this, we decided to eat at KFC. Our favorite hang-out during our high school days kasi it's walking distance from our school and my guy friends love the fact that you can get gravy as much as you like. Aww, HIGH SCHOOL DAYS :''''''>

Loves ♥

My best buddies ♥

"Few hours spent with your awesome friends can make your day a thousand times brighter than usual" :'>

Xs & Os
B ♥

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