Thursday, October 13, 2011


After a lifetime of waiting, my grades are finally out! :)

Please don't mind the F in my P.E., it's a technical error. My real grade
there is 1.2 :D

I'm just too happy and proud that's why I posted it here. I've been feeling lucky this past few days, as in really lucky! Ahaha, first because of this, then ate Vern Enciso, ate Lissa Kahayon & kuya David Guison replied to some of my tweets. How can one not be thankful if you're week is packed like this :) Thank you Lord for all the blessings ☺

One more thing, I think you will find this kinda funny. My mom is the 2nd from the 3 of them, 2girls and 1 boy. My Aunt's bday is Oct.13, my mom's is Oct.14 and my Uncle's is Oct.15 :)

Xs & Os
B ♥

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