Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pedring :|| Whole day w/o electricity.

Sept. 27,2011

With my title, you should have guessed already what this will be all about. Imagine staying inside the house while it's raining cats and dogs outside with the ff:
* Almost lowbat phone
* Half charged iTouch
* No electricity!!!!!
Well that's right, there is no electricity from the time i woke up until 8pm. It may sound absurd for some people but the heck, it was really getting to my nerves everytime both my phone and ipod would pop a lowbat sign!

Nevertheless, i just slept the whole afternoon and when i woke up, my ipod is surprisingly not yet dead! So i hit the shuffle button in my senti playlist and tah-dah! I end up remembering memories shared with random people everytime a new song would start to play :) I have proven that it's relaxing just listening to music whenever it's raining to calm your nerves.

I also came to the conclusion that despite my imperfections, i shouldn't let insecurity get to me because i have people by my side that loves me just the way i am :"> It may sound cheesy but it's what i felt during that time.

When the electricity came to life, i watched the news immediately. I was shocked that almost the whole metro manila was in the same situation and some are even in worse. I realize that i should have stopped complaining about having no electricity and be thankful that there's no harm done to my family during the typhoon.

Thank God for all the blessings and the protection :>

Xs & Os
B ♥

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