Sunday, December 18, 2011

3 Days in a Row

If you're my follower on twitter, you probably know that I am a LAZY person :) I always end up lying in bed all day during weekends and every chance I get. My best bud, RM, is the same. HAHA, but our other friends are the exact opposite.

** Warning! Loads of crappy pictures along the way. Our camera is down 
so please bear with me :) **

Off to the details of my day last Thursday. My friends (we call ourselves KUPADS, always late :>) and I decided to hang out instead of staying in our own houses. We stayed in Jamie's house and just went out to buy some food from the grocery. We ate 3 meals the whole afternoon, spell PIG OUT. Pictures Galore! ♥


The next day, I had to go to Makati to run errands for my mom. I was supposed to go alone but RM texted early in the morning asking if they could go to our house later that afternoon. I immediately asked both of them if they could accompany me since it's not that fun going around all by myself. RM had to say no because of their christmas party but Jamie happily agreed. After our roadtrip (6 rides back ad forth), we stayed in our house and waited for RM. Jamie was craving for Palabok so when RM got there, we went to Tonangs to pacify her craving =)) We ended up attending the anticipated Simbang Gabi in our place so they went home by around 10.

By Saturday, we went to GH instead of Trinoma because it's more convenient and we can stay somewhere in there. Pam is also with us that day. We stayed in Happy Lemon for some chit chat then Jamie wanted to buy stuff from Artwork so we went to SM Centerpoint. She made RM choose one of the shirts she picked for her christmas gift for me. Where's the surprise sister?! HAHA ;) They planned to hear the mass here again that night but they got too lazy because of the Bed Weather :D 

There goes the title of this post. Spending time with them is always a precious moment because as we grow older (as if we're 20++ already?!), our schedules doesn't permit us to bond as often as we usually do. So when an opportunity to go out with them or simply stay in one place with them the whole day comes in the way, I always make it a point to grab it. Aside from my family, they are my precious gems ♥

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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