Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Memory Lane PT.2

** August - Celebrated the fiesta in our place **
** August - History Tour **

** September - RM's birthday celeb. ** 

I started blogging! First Post ♥
** September **

** OCTOBER - 1st comment HERE! :'''''>  **

** November - Love Diva Event 
Thanks to Ate Ana for giving me this opportunity. First time I attended a blogger event **
Look HERE and HERE :)

** December - Always going out and about with these two :) 
Look in HERE and HERE!
Had our first eyebrow clean-up! **
**December - Movie Marathon with the cousins
Picture above was during the 26th. **
Look HERE for the christmas day itself!

Last night, Jamie and RM arrived here at 12am. We just ate at the Tapsilogan and they were home by 2am. They were supposed to stay at home for as long as they like but mom was worried that they might not go home safely so they said  their goodbyes early. 

My 2011 was filled not only by happy memories but also with bad times. I was more than glad because as soon as I was over those bad times, something very nice will happen This year was pretty good to me, as I said in my previous post, 2011 gave me a lot of happy memories and opportunities to bloom as a  person. Maybe you're wondering why there's not much about my family, it's because last year was their time. This year belongs to myself and my friends. I wanna say thank you to those people that made me happy and made me feel special in their own ways, you know who you are :) Let's end this year with happy thoughts so melt those angry hearts with forgiveness and spread love! Til' the next year *virtual bear hug*

Xs & Os,
B ♥

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