Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's exactly 12:01am as i'm writing this post. My family does not have the tradition of having Noche Buena so i'm welcoming christmas by watching Sex and The City 2 on HBO =)) This is my first christmas together with Blogger and Twitter so please bear with me :) I'm super thankful for this blogging thing because this gave me the chance to meet new people that i'd like to keep for a long time. This blog also made me happy during my not so good moments. This helped me boost my self-confidence because now, I can finally express myself without so much hesitation. I already reached 1000 views the other night so please let me say SUPER THANK YOU! :) Words can't express the feeling i'm getting everytime some stranger comments on my post. It makes me realize that someone out there is appreciating my blog and every view counts! This may not be a perfect christmas but this is definitely one for my books <3 Merry christmas once again to all of you, spread some love!
Xs & Os
B <3

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